How to Profit From Market Volatility

How to Profit From Market Volatility

How to Profit From Market Volatility Using Linear and Inverse Contracts

The anticipated future cash flows determine a stock’s value that its owner would receive. Every day, the price of a stock fluctuates as buyers and sellers compete for investors’ money to purchase those potential future income flows (supply and demand). The volatility of cryptocurrency prices measured in daily shifts of less than 1% is often low. But since surprises are a part of life, a stock’s capacity can provide future cash flows to fluctuate quickly and erratically.



Investors rush to understand how these changes would affect the stock’s future cash flows, which can cause sharp price movements in either direction or more volatility.

So How to Profit from market volatility?

So what are investors supposed to do when markets crash and volatility soars? Keep in mind your investment goals. Consider your financial objective (s). Being patient is probably the best action if you’re investing for retirement or have a long-term plan. Many of the market’s worst trading days over the past 20 years have occurred within a month of its most fantastic trading days.

Investing decisions should not be influenced by emotion and non-professionals’ financial advice. It may be unsettling to see the value of your portfolio drop, especially when friends and family make ominous predictions. However, selling out of assets at the wrong moment may also be a costly choice. More often than not, investing over time is profitable. This blog will guide you on how to profit from market volatility.


What are Perpetual Contracts?

How to Profit From Market Volatility are a particular kind of conventional crypto contract and cryptocurrency derivative. Perpetual denotes permanence or infinity. In contrast to standard bitcoin futures, which have a predefined expiration date and settlement, perpetual contracts provide the extra benefit of leverage. On the other hand, Perpetual contracts have eternal life and no end date.

In other words, Bitcoin perpetual contracts are contracts without an expiration or settlement date, allowing investors to retain positions for as long as they choose. Due to the funding method, they are frequently traded at a price comparable to or almost similar to the spot markets. You may hold onto that position indefinitely if you initiate a long or short position in Bitcoin’s perpetual futures.

Bitcoin perpetual contracts are also known as “inverse Bitcoin contracts” since a BTC/USD futures contract is settled in BTC rather than USD. Traders on the C-Trade platform can use the leverage of up to 150x to enhance their trading approach.

Perpetual contract trading is based on an underlying Index Price. The average price of a crypto asset, known as Index Price, is determined by significant spot marketplaces and related trading volume. Therefore, perpetual contract prospects are often traded at prices similar to or relatively close to spot markets, unlike conventional crypto contracts.


The Benefits of Perpetual contracts Trading

Trading perpetual contracts have several advantages to trading cryptocurrencies on the spot market, including the following:

Leveraging and Margin Trading

In the crypto market, traders can benefit if they buy cheap and sell high, but only when the price of the best cryptocurrency increases. Conversely, traders can use leverage and margin while trading perpetual contracts. Since the leverage is substantial and traders may enter or terminate positions in the market with a mere portion of their balance, perpetual contracts allow traders to achieve a much larger profit from a tiny initial investment.

Lesser Risks Linked to Cryptocurrency Price Volatility

Since traders can lock in a precise price upfront using perpetual futures, their investments are protected against variations in the prices of the underlying cryptocurrencies since they may continue to pay that fixed price even when the assets’ values vary. In reality, traders may profit from swings in cryptocurrency values by using perpetual contracts. For instance, using perpetual Bitcoin contracts, investors may benefit from a predicted price decline by short selling or betting against the price of BTC.

You don’t have to keep the actual cryptocurrency.

Due to location-specific restrictions, people who cannot own cryptocurrencies can still trade cryptocurrencies using perpetual contracts. That’s because they allow traders to bet on the values of cryptocurrencies without holding any of them.


An inverse contract settles in the underlying cryptocurrency rather than the quoted currency after traders initially deposit a specific crypto coin (traders need to hold a more volatile asset as a margin). For instance, if you traded ETH/USD, your reward would be sent to you in ETH. Since, according to the cryptocurrency market cap, ETH is more expensive than USD overall, you will receive a lesser dividend when you make money from a long position in ETH. On the other hand, because ETH is less expensive than USD, you will lose more ETH if the value of ETH/USD declines.

Consider using the contract as a technique to more clearly comprehend this idea. Inverse perpetual are contracts priced in dollars but collateralized in cryptocurrency by traders and hedgers.

Since stablecoins have become more popular, crypto exchanges now provide linearly-settled contracts that don’t use fiat money but instead pay out in more comprehensible USD-like assets, such as USDT. Since stablecoins are used as the margin for linear contracts, traders do not need to hedge their positions to reduce the risk of owning cryptocurrencies.

Since their contracts and PnL (Profit and Loss) are all calculated in dollars, the speculators, hedgers, and arbitrageurs trading linear perpetual are primarily concerned with their stablecoin holdings.

Although inverse perpetual is the most common contract, market capitalization and stablecoin user growth have benefitted linear perpetual as well. Because they are exceptionally effective hedging strategies for long-term Bitcoin investors who do not wish to sell their holdings into currency, non-linear endless have also profited.

Parting Words

Perpetual contracts for BitCoin are a crucial component of the cryptocurrency industry. They give traders a new chance to benefit in both bull and down markets by assisting traders in risk management, risk hedging, and mitigating the present volatility of Bitcoin. The rising daily trade volume evidences that perpetual bitcoin contracts are becoming more popular in the crypto-trading community.

The ideal approach for a trader to participate in Bitcoin perpetual contracts trading is to select a trustworthy and safe platform. Bitcoin everlasting contracts’ pricing is based on supply and demand. It is consequently crucial to trade on a platform that is safe and resistant to manipulation.

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